March 22, 2012

What love is.

I know what love is.

Love is waiting until your husband comes home from training to watch the Hunger Games movie.

Seriously. I have never felt so sacrificial. And its only going to get worse when it comes out tomorrow. Everyone and their dogs are going to see it, or so it seems.

Brett. I love you. I loved you when we were reading it out loud to one another and you would go to work all day and I WOULDN'T read ahead ( even though I really wanted to )...and now I love you as I stay well away from the theatre until your return.


The Spychallas said...

You are so strong! (and sacrificial) I applaud you friend. And think of how great it will be getting to see it with your hubby. :) Love you!

Melissa said...

Love this :)

I waited every week to watch LOST with Anthony on the weekends. It was a constant torment!

Abby Scorsonelli said...

This makes my heart happy :)