March 28, 2012

When you're feeling awfully low...

I have a little habit. But I think that I've finally reached the pentacle ( whatever, I'm lying...I totally haven't).
I only say that because after counting I have exactly 31 of these and therefore I could wear a different one every day for a month and how handy-dandy is that?! But really, sadly, I will probably not stop here and also it would be really annoying to wear a different one every day....*

But basically, whenever I'm in a store, usually Target, or Walmart...or a pharmacy that has makeup counters...I am drawn to the nail polish. Like a moth to a flame, those lines of colors draw me in...

I also love nail polish names, "Better Together", "Orange you Cute?" "Lincoln After Dark" "Big Red Apple".....I can't get enough of the brilliance and cheesiness. ( HOW DO YOU GET THE JOB NAMING THESE!?!? SERIOUSLY?!?)

I am, of course, particularly partial to the Reds...but since I have so many at this point, I consciously try to branch out into other colors. I also really like colors that are optical allusions...seemly one color in one light and a different color up close and far off.... And of course depending on the season my color choices's what I've purchased since Brett has been away ( SEEE!?!? I told you I had a problem! I usually only purchase nail polish when I am feeling low...)

Mostly pastels...and one red ( peeking in at the side)...because, heck, what can I say...Red...its a classic. 

Anyway, my very favorite nail polishes are Commander and Chic for my finger nails and Ruby pumps for my toes...surprisingly the fingers one is not even a red! But I still love it, my friend Keri reminded me today that I was wearing it ( though sadly it was ridiculously chipped and awful looking at the time) when Ransom was born. 

Incidentally, my time with out the hubs is hopefully drawing to a close. Thank goodness...because nail polish is not that cheap....I am happy to say that I got a lot accomplished this month. After looking at the list I made earlier in the month the only thing that I didn't do was make cookies for my new neighbors. Though I also watched several more movies ( including "Being Elmo", "Princess Diaries 2", and "Never say Never",  and all of season 6 of How I met your Mother...) and sent a box to my sister in Texas and made and sent Jar Cakes to my friend in Afghanistan I suppose all in all the month was a success in the "I am Productive Woman" Department. 


Tabitha said...

There are days when I REALLY wish i was allowed to wear nail polish at work. Instead I have to save it for my vacations.

Amy Bushatz said...

I bought some nail polish today, the first time in years, because you inspired me. My pedicure was looking VERY VERY SAD. To make me feel better I painted my toes a bright pink color, instead of the super ugly half-polished thing that was going on.

It did make me feel slightly better, but about on par with the shine on my newly polished pots.

Jenilee said...

lol I love reading the names of polish! :)