April 29, 2012

April Cookies

Yesterday I made Brett his "cookie of the month". They are Peanut Butter Surprise cookies...and they are TO DIE. Even though I made these cookies with crunchy peanut butter instead of smooth ( which, yes, would have been better...but I had TWO jars of opened chrunchy peanut butter ( how did that happen?!?) so I went with what I had...) these cookies still turned out amazing. 

It was really a miracle that they turned out so well because I made them while in a terrible mood. Usually Rage Cooking rarely works out for me, but this time the recipe was so simple that I could make no discernible errors. Seriously. One should never, ever cook while angry or remotely mad....I for one find that food does not do well with High Emotions. This is why I feel that chefs are very calm people. This is probably not at all true. But I'm going with it for the sake of my point. 

The point being you can make these cookies while both angry and while having Low Blood sugar...which for anyone that knows me can tell you, is directly related to the angry part. 

Let's just say that my poor, dear husband had to work allllllll day yesterday and was still working at dinner time, so I made dinner while he was still working away in the dining room and then two hours later he was STILL working and dinner was officially cold and I was OFFICIALLY low-blood-sugar-angry. Incidentally, just in case you were not aware, Low-blood-sugar-anger is based off of NOTHING...and is not valid in a court of law, or in my marriage as it would turn out...so bottom line: it was good that I made cookies and eventually got fed-especially since my poor husband is working again today. Bless his heart. Its the LEAST I can do to give him cookies once a month. *sigh*  

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Katie said...

Ha! I love the term "Rage Cooking." I "rage cooked" a cake a few weeks ago, and the inability to count out numerous cups of different flours and cocoa nearly wrecked the entire project. I didn't quite know what to call the experience, thanks! The cake also turned out well, but I think it's wise for me to keep my anger and baked goods separate for a while.