May 06, 2012


Even though Ransom had been sick all week ( with probably a pretty bad sore throat and a fever), and Brett came down with the sore throat on Thursday. And even though Brett worked such ridiculous hours this week that I won't even TELL YOU about them because you'd scoff.  Even though all of that was true. We went to a Navigator Conference this weekend in Panama City, FL. 

I'm not going to lie. I didn't want to go. When weeks are as much of a doozy as ours have been of late, I just want to hole up and nurse my so-called-wounds. But I'm SO glad we didn't!! 

For one thing, my son l-o-v-es the ocean. This kid would literally run into the waves if given the chance. NO FEAR. And that was enough to make the weekend awesome. But, it was also nice to get some literal MILES between Brett and his workplace. There's something about distance that can make all the difference and I need to remember that sometimes. 

Also....I love the ocean. I love the beach. I love sand. I love sunkissed shoulders. I love being barefoot. I love the smell of sunscreen. 

I'm planning our summer vacation to the beach IMMEDIATELY. 

( P.S. Are there any good beaches between here and Nacogdoches, TX?! We'll be needing to go there on our block leave as well, but I say-who's stopping us from getting a little beach on "on our way"?! ) 

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The Spychallas said...

I know where there are some GREAT beaches! Of course, they're all a LITTLE past TX. ;) ;)