April 05, 2012

March cookies!!

So, Brett's cookies for the month of "March" were actually made on April 1st...but they were no joke. ( HA! see what I just did there?!? )  And while I was a day shy of the month of March, I think Brett forgave me since it wasn't like he was actually HERE during the month of March really anyway....

So, ok these cookies definitely need some tweaking. First of all, I hate, hate, hate using "cookie mixes"...cookies are so easy anyway, it doesn't seem right to use a "mix"...but since it was my first time making them I went with it...next time, I think I'll just make a classic sugar cookie recipe with a little added flour. I also think I will use Caramel Fudge topping rather than just "topping"....I think it'll be thicker and less likely to run and not set. I felt like the caramel in these babies never REALLY set, and consequently when I put them on the rack to finish cooling the caramel just sunk through the middle of the cookie on several before I caught it and put them on more solid plate. 

That being said...these bad boys tasted like tiny pecan pies and they were AH-MAZING. I think Brett really liked them because instead of taking them to work to share, he sat on the couch with the tupperware in his lap and ate most of them in one sitting. That, my friends, is the goal. 

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