April 20, 2012

two teeny tiny problems

So, as I have mentioned on this blog before, I've been having some ankle issues since December. And after several doctors appointments, 4 x-rays, a bone scan and an MRI, plus almost 4 months of no exercise... today I went in for another appointment where the "specialist" orthopedic doctor told me that there were officially no stress fractures as I was previously told, and that there was nothing wrong at the bone level. blah blah blah. Here's your cortisone shot, rest a few more weeks, come back in six...

Can, I just be honest for a few minutes!? I would like to admit that when push comes to shove I was disappointed in today's appointment because NO ONE mentioned my teeny tiny feet and ankles.

Bottom line is that it doesn't matter what's wrong with my ankle or how it happened, I feel POSITIVE that my size 4 and a half feet should NOT be supporting my 5'6'', size 6/8 frame...And while I've had every single friend/stranger that has ever seen my feet comment on how freakishly small they are, I really really wanted a Medical Professional to take note. To say something like, "Holy Cow, Woman, you are a modern day miracle!! The fact that you can walk around on those tiny stumps is amazing in itself, so OF COURSE you twist your ankles on a regular basis, and fall over all the time!! That only makes sense!"

But he did not mention this and I'm pretty disappointed. Now my ankle is pretty sore and I'm waiting not so patiently for the "dramatic relief" that cortisone shots supposedly give...for one thing I'd like to go for a run again before its officially 104 degrees outside at 8 in the morning ( that could be any day now!), and I'd also like to continue my current eating habits ( read: eat cookies) without my pants becoming increasingly tight...so I'll definitely be counting the days.

ALSO the next time you see me in sparkly pink shoes just remember that I have to shop in the CHILDRENS DEPARTMENT and that while it has not been medically verified, I think I deserve a little more "support" in life.


donnave said...

I definitely agree!!

Ruth Marie said...

I thought of this for you before but didn't mention it, but there's this fantastic book called Pain Free by Pete Egoscue, and he has some simple exercises and stretches than can help realign your body to solve problems like what it sounds like you've been having. He is a doctor (muscle/bone specialist) who works from the idea that the human body is incredibly well-designed, and if we are experiencing things like twisted ankles, back pain, numbness, etc., etc., it's because something isn't working the way it was designed to, and it needs to be put "back". You should definitely look into it - because it's helped me and several people I know.