June 13, 2012

Sweet melody

So, right now I'm writing this instead of going insane. I'd really like to just go off the deep end. But, alas, I cannot....I'd be leaving behind a distraught little dude who won't eat his dinner...
Yup. We're exactly 46 minutes into a stand off over some meatloaf and mash potatoes. Meatloaf and mash potatoes that he liked and ate off my plate only two days ago. But decided to SHUN at lunch today. So I let him go without eating ( how nice of me, right?) But now, now we're at dinner....and honestly....I don't know how much longer I can take this. Did I mention that this is what he was suppose to eat last night for dinner?! But he didn't eat it then either. So basically he's had BREAKFAST in the last 24 hours.

People I know this is a battle of wills. Mostly because we've been doing it at degrees for a while now.  All of a sudden he will refuse a strawberry, cry for 30 minutes, finally eat it and ASK FOR ANOTHER ONE....that's control my friends and not on mommies side.
Ransom has always been a picky eater but I've kind of let it be for the most part because I'm lazy and I'd rather not fight over food. But, I've decided as we near the age of two, he really should learn to eat things that are not in crackers, the special lunch meat he likes, mild cheddar cheese, strawberries, bananas, certain pizza cut into bite-sized pieces, black beans, cereal and kraft mac and cheese ( no other kind) and spinach that has been pured just the way he likes it. Geez. What a tiny little pallet!

So, I'm determined to help my son overcome his issues with food. SO HELP ME GOD.

Oh. Wait. He's eating...


Oh my gosh, that only took AN HOUR. And now he's sitting over there quietly stuffing his little face.
Well, that's a good way to end this post because honestly I was afraid of what you were all going to think of me and leave nasty comments about my bad parenting. This just proves I was right.


Aunt Sheron said...

Next time he won't eat the strawberry, you eat it and tell him how good it was. Think he wil ask for another one? Sure sounds like he is a strong-willed child. God's blessings on you, Abigail.

Love Aunt Sheron.

How are you feeling?

katie said...

I love your "nosuddenmovements!" ha ha And glad he decided to eat!! :)

-Katie Wright

Anonymous said...

Bless you! been there with David. Praying for you!