August 25, 2012

The whirlwind

Well, it's probably time for me to come out of my haze and respond to all the Facebook, texting, email lovin.... But how can I? There is just so much of it I  am overwhelmed by the love! And as I was awakened this morning after only a few hours of sleep and rushed off to surgery my thought was of all the prayers surrounding us and it was a comfort.

I cannot begin to discribe the last 48 hours. But a whirlwind...nah, a tornado! Two hospital stays, one two hour drive, one missed flight,  one delayed flight across country followed by a surgery consult at 2am makes for one heck of a story, which I'll save for the book deal. Ha.

But now, I am laying in a super flashy room at Texas' children's hospital trying not to be overwhelmed by the future. A future that is a complete mystery.

First off, this mornings surgery was a success... Meaning both babies made it through, they were able to divide the placenta as best they could see, and remove some of the fluid build up ( probably the biggest physical relief to me).
What you may not know is that just because today was a success, every day is now a little battle of its own. Tomorrow is our first hurdle, an ultra sound to see if they are both alive. And from here on we have a 50/50 % chance they will both survive, an 80% that one baby will survive and a pretty much 100% that either way I'll be having these babies early. ( the surgery does mess with my body enough that this part is inevitable.).... Of course, coking from before surgery where there was little to no chance of either baby surviving- that's a good bump up. Yet as a Momma it's still scary.

I will also be on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy... And I can't go up stairs ( obviously) so... Yeah my future living situation is a mystery. But one thing all of this is teaching me is to rest upon the Lord. This is all pulling away the veil we as humans cling to, the one where we think we have control over today. Ah, how I do not! And how much so is each day but a gift!?

Thank you for the continued prayers. As you can see we are still in need of it.


The Spychallas said...

My darling Abigail,

You are amazing and so encouraging to me. With the attitude the Lord has graciously blessed you with, how can this pregnancy NOT be glorifying to Him?!? I love you friend and continue to lift you up in prayer.

Anonymous said...

We're praying, Abigail, for you and Both girls. Love, Aunt Sheron.

{emily elizabeth} said...

absolultly amazing...wish i had some good book suggestions for your bed church and i are always praying for you all...please let me know if there is anything we can do for you!


Jillian said...

I wish there was something I could do to help you guys. But know that you are constantly on my mind and I cannot wait for the day that we introduce our girls to each other. You will have such an amazing story to tell them one day, about how precious their lives were to all of us and how many people were rooting for them and praying for them before they were even here. You are a strong woman and I feel very thankful to know you are to able to hear about your strength through your blog. We love you all!

Jeanne Damoff said...

I'm in awe of God's grace in you. Simply in awe. And this I have tasted, but oh to see it, hear it, read it in your words. I bow in worship. Love to you, dear Abigail, and to Brett and Ransom and Tabitha and Priscilla. Book deal or no book deal, your story is already written, and it ends in God's glory. xoxoxo

Little Wonders said...

Hi Abigail, A friend of a friend passed on your blog to me (and I think mine to you?!). I just wanted to let you know, that 3.5 half years ago, I wrote a blog post much like yours today:
It was a long and arduous journey after our laser ablation (10 weeks on bed rest, 7 of which spent in the hospital), but depsite all the odds, our little wonders were born at 30w0d, and again against all odds, they are now beautiful, smart and completely healthy 3 year olds. TTTS success stories are still too rare, but they are out there, and we've seen them increase even in the almost 4 years since we've been treated. Who did your surgery, btw? Ours was done by Dr. Johnson with the Texas Fetal Center, then associated with Texas' Children's ... but I don't think they're with TC anymore. In any case, if you want to get in touch, leave me a post on my blog. Many prayers coming your way.

Anonymous said...

Bless you, Abigail, for your transparency in all of this...because, through that transparency all can see the strength of your faith and your reliance on God, who is our Provider and Protector in all things! I know, too, that Brett has been faithful and because of his faith, yours is strengthened. God does care about each detail and He has made the two of you one for His purposes. All of us here in the Cleburne area (HSBC and Abt family) are praying and excited to see God in your lives and the lives of Brett, Ransom, Priscilla and Tabitha. Aunt Donnave