September 06, 2012

People who need people

People can be really lovely sometimes. Yesterday was super awful in a lot of ways, but today was so much better and when I look at the facts-nothing had really changed from yesterday to today other than me seeing more clearly the incredible band of people that I have at my side....

I got cards from people today and I'm not even kidding I've met only two of them. One I've only meet a hand full of times! The other two I've never met....and yet their kindness, their heartfelt words of encouragement and solidarity was so kind. I was so moved. 

Today I got a little package on my door from Brett's boss's wife. I'll side track for a second to say, that often in the military you meet "higher ups" who go through the motions of "Family Development" and who's wives are the same...seemingly kind and friendly but once you get past the exterior you get little. I have not experienced this. Brett's last two bosses wives have been some of the kindest, classiest ladies and I have learned so much from watching their consideration of others. Anyway, I got a little package and when I opened it, I found this ( and I cried a little bit) : 

And speaking of gifts, some of my dearest friends who live far away banded together in one of the craziest and most creative ways ever and have gotten Brett and I a DEEP FREEZER which will be filled with tons of food that has been coming our way and which we will need over the next few months of Bed Rest. 

And then my wonderful friend Melissa, who gets special name credit because this girl has put such effort in to helping me and finding others to help me during the next week or so before I can ( FINGERS CROSSED...who wants to be my naaaaannnnnny?!? ) find more 'permanent' help...and she does it with such ease and with such a happy spirit I am just uplifted by her optimism. And P.S. Her hubs is deployed. And here she is rockin' out with her 1 y.o. daughter in tow making my days SO much better....THAT is grace. 
And then there is the little "army" of friends she's pulled together to stay with me during the day and feed us at night...and...well.  We quite literally couldn't do it with out them at this point. I am at the mercy of others and it turns out that's not a bad place to be. 

I write this post not just to share the sweetness of these people, but to remind myself of the importance of even the smallest gesture of kindness towards someone in need, toward someone who's hurting. It matters, and sometimes its the difference between feeling like you're drowning and feeling like you just might make it till tomorrow. I want that for others and I hope that I'll remember this time in my own life, with the focus squarely placed upon my silver lining....people. Glorious, kind people who have come through and reminded me of an even deeper more perfect Love. 

Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and give His life as a Ransom for many.
(Matt 20:28)


Anonymous said...

I've been there, too, and it is overwhelming in a wonderful way! Remember, you are blessing others by sharing this and allowing them to give to you as we all have been given by Him, who loved us before the beginning of the world.
Aunt Donnave

Anonymous said...

I too have been blessed by this kind of grace. It is overwhelming. But I believe with all my heart that helping others blesses just as much if not more than the person we are helping. It is love in action! Still praying for you guys! Love you! Emily panter

Amy Bushatz said...

Because everyone needs to freeze things deeply! :-)