October 09, 2012

The little things

So, here I am. Week 2 in the hospital. Things are seemingly all status quo, but I should probably not type something like that- you never know what will happen. In some ways having a second week in a row start out in the same manner as the week prior is new to me! In the past month I've pretty much had some major change every single week, and for a girl like me, who loves a good plan like I love a good Reese's Peanutbutter cup (mmmmm doesn't that sound good!?) it's been one of the roughest aspects of this journey.
 But I'm settling into my life in a hospital room. And most of the time it isn't too bad. Thankful the fall season on TV has started and its genuinely knitting weather somewhere in the continental United States ( I say that because its suppose to be a balmy 88 today in Houston)... And since I can keep my room temp at a comfy 68 degrees a decaf pumpkin spiced latte from the Starbucks around the corner also helps to keep me happy. I've started a super interesting and highy entertaining book called "7: an experimental mutiny against access" , I'm also keeping up with Ransom's first day of school through texts messages with my sister and I'm a constant troll on Facebook.  Instagram is addictive and I've "reorganized" all my recipe boards on Pinterest....

My sweet friend Esther is visiting me this week and she's currently reading the third book of the Hunger Games in the corner, exclaiming every so often. I am a supporter of an "active" reader since I come from a family who can't read a book without reading half the book out loud to anyone in earshot. I suppose it's just a good thing I've already read the books ;-) I'm just trying not to give anything away!

 And thus another day spent keeping Tabitha baking.


Kali said...

I have the book 7 too and have yet to read.. you'll have to write a review!

Anonymous said...

Abigail, have you been transferred to a regular room with a bathroom yet? Great news about God's healing Tabitha's heart! We continue to pray. Love, Aunt Sheron