October 02, 2015

Teeth week!

Monday started off like this:
Me ( in a fake perky voice) : "Ransom, this week our school theme is "teeth!"
Ransom ( in a grumbly voice): "All there is to know about teeth is: BRUSH YOUR TEETH! That's it. Done."

So yes, this week was a bit rough- I had to carry my spanker around in my back pocket for a certain 2 year old and I got a bad cold that has not helped my awesome pregnancy tiredness. But we pushed on and some schooling did happen.

Also, if you're wondering about this week's theme: it came thanks to my kid's dentist appointment on Wednesday. That's right, I used a dentist appointment as our "field trip". *high fives all around*

Activity One: Good foods for teeth

Even though Ransom insisted he had nothing to learn about teeth, it turns out he didn't know everything ( shocker) so after a quick lesson in cavities he did this cutting and gluing exercise where he glued the "good" sugars on the happy tooth and the "bad" foods on the sad tooth. ( something like this printable here)

You'll need: 

Activity Two: Shark Teeth #1 Game
Ransom really liked this "game" which I played with him. First he would spin the spinner ( I got a package of spinners at the Dollartree) and then he would have to write the number on his paper and a plus sign. Then he would stick the proper number of corresponding teeth on the top part of the shark's mouth.
Then I would do the same and he would have to write my number as the second part of his equation, while I put my shark teeth on the bottom of the sharks mouth. Then Ransom had to count all the teeth and put an equal sign and finish off his equation. Hopefully this taught him more about the making of addition problems.

He looooved this game.

You'll need: 

Shark Printable 
sheet of white foam paper to cut into teeth
spinner or dice

Activity Three: Shark Teeth #2
Since Ransom seemed to gain the understanding of equations we moved on to this printable where he did more "shark teeth" addition.  since I realized he had only been doing equations where he read the problems from left to right not on top to bottom. This was good practice for that concept.

I say that but it took FOOOOOREEEEEEVER to get Ransom to concentrate long enough to finish this one worksheet. *sigh*

You'll need: 

Activity Four: Tooth Brush Stamps
To continue our work on sight words I found this printable of tooth brushes with sight words on them: Printable here.  However he already knew quite a few so I got the idea to download the printable and then use photoshop to erase some of the words and put in different words. It worked great!

Then Ransom just had to read the word and then use letter stamps to put the word on the tooth brush. It was a pretty fun way to learn some new words. Here is Ransom thinking hard about what a word is...

You'll need:
letter stamps
Possibly photoshop unless you want to use the words already on their worksheet

Activity Five: Lost Teeth
With our same sight words I printed off some little teeth images that had happy little faces. I then wrote the sight words on them and hid them around the room. Ransom then had a piece of paper with the words listed. I told him that the dentist had lost some teeth and he needed help finding them. Ransom then had to read the word on the paper and try to find that word. It ended up not working that way....instead he went around finding the words, so I just had him read the words when he found them. I think we could have just gone without the paper listing all the words. Ah well, such is life.

You'll need: 
tooth printables

Teeth Books: 

In terrible news we learned that our Play N' Learn story time at the library lost its funding. MAJOR BOO! Luckily we've found an alternative story time at a different library for next week. I'm still majorly bummed about this development. *sigh*

As for our trip to the dentist?! Well, my kids had a GRAND OL' TIME!!! With all the iPads, play stations and TV screens everywhere they hardly realized that the event had anything to do with teeth at all. Kids these days....

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