March 12, 2016


So, the other night I was working on my Book Baby and in the process was looking over old blog posts and I came across this hilarious little quote from myself ( that's right, I'm not above quoting myself!): "my goal is to be done with this book- at least the first draft- by Tabitha's first birthday."

Pause for dramatic effect. 

aaaaaahahahahahaha! I was so young! So naive! I had clearly never had two kids before! I had also clearly forgotten what it was like to have a baby... And then a toddler... And then be pregnant again... And then have another baby! Oops.

So yes, my lofty goals did not get met and yet at the same time, slowly but surely, my book was indeed written. 

And today, I'm sitting here in the front seat of my minivan during one of my absolute favorite times of the week: Ransom inside his piano teachers house for his lesson, Tabitha chillin in her car seat with the iPad, Justice sleeping. Ahhhh!!

I'm sitting here reading over the last chapter- I wrote it last night while Brett graciously put our older kids to bed. I sat on my bed with the door closed and the dramatic sounds of bathtime rolling in the crack under the door, eating peanut M&Ms and typed like a mad woman. And now I'm done. I think that I've said everything I want to say... Sure there is definitely a long road ahead ( and this time I KNOW it will be long! Hahaha! ) of editing and adding and subtracting to clarify the story and make it better- but as of this moment- I've written about 16 chapters, 50,000 words and poured my little heart into something that I set out to do almost exactly 3 years ago. 

Other than my children I don't think I've ever made anything this big before! I'm pretty excited and now I'm taking a minute to breathe and try not to freak out too much about the editing process to come. I'm not gonna lie it seems super de duper daunting. But then filling up white computer screens with the story of my girls also seemed daunting so I know it is possible. 

So with that I can say, I have a manuscript! A first draft! It is DONE! 


Sarah McClure said...

That's so exciting!!

Renee from A Baker's Dozen said...

I am INSANELY jealous! I haven't even managed to finish my book proposal. Good for you!!!

Aunt Sheron said...

Congratulations! Quite an accomplishment for anyone much less a mother of three young ones.