May 03, 2005

I didnt forget...

Well, I know its been a while but I had good ( selfish) reasons for not doing interviews right after I deleted my blog...I wanted "random" people to be able to know this was MY blog, and get to know ME before I started having interviews again....oh, who am I kidding...I just got busy and didnt have time for questions, but luckily I had Evan who kept hounding here you go...

Evan's Interview:

1. I gather that you were a blog reader long before you became a blog writer...what made you finally take the plunge? Mrs. Jones started one, and I heard how easy it was to start, and then Candace started hers, and I knew that if she could do it, I could too.

2. You arent a very "regular" what IS your motivation to post when you do?
Either I'll be seized by sudden inspiration, or, if its been a real long time, I'll just write something weird just so I don't lose readers.

3. When looking over your blog I have noticed both poetry and "informative" blogs...what do you think makes you do one or the other? What MOOD are you in at the time?
My poetry usually comes out when I'm in an inspired mood and the "informative" blogs as you call them are usually when I'm just bored and all the things I need to do are hard, time-consuming and uncomfortable.

4. Dude, sometimes I dont fully understand what you are talking that just because I am dense? Would you say that you try to be allusive on purpose?
Heh heh, no its not that your dense. Usually its just because my mind is full of random thoughts and they all rush out at once in a nearly undecipherable manner when I start writing. There was one a couple weeks ago when I was thinking about something specific that I didn't really want anyone to know about, so I wrote a purposefully confusing poem, just to see what everyone would think. As I suspected no one guessed correctly :)

5. Since I am so dense what advice would you give me to read your blog better?
Well, the only advice I can give is: try to think like a slightly disturbed teenager with a feverish, half crazed imagination, if you can do that you'll probably understand it better.

6. If a stranger came across your blog what do you think they would think of you? Would that be an accurate portrayl? Why?/Why not?
They would probably think that I was kind of wild, and pretty weird but that in the sea of nonsense that is my mind there were a few grains of good sense, and yeah, that would be about right.

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