June 07, 2005

warning: it IS one of those days...

yeah, I never thought I would be one of these people, that I would stoop to such a low low level...but I have.

I post waaay more than once a day on average.
I blame my job.
But all people with addiction problems usually blame something right?

I am hungry and its only 10:30. I had a very nice breakfast ( thanks to Papa who got out of bed and made me coffee and wrapped up a yummy piece of blueberry coffee cake to go) not very long ago...so this only PROVES how bored I really am.

i am considering starting another blog to fill with boring rants like this so that my readers dont have as much to read- but then, where would I draw the line? just about ALL of my rants are "boring"....
yup, looks like you are doomed, dear reader...

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