June 12, 2005

Have I mentioned that I love summer?

Today was the Nacogdoches Blueberry Festival, one of my favorite parts of the beginning of summer here.....seriously, there is NOTHING better than the downtown streets blocked off and lined with booths....from a local church giving out free bottled water, to the Republican Women's group selling American flags that flew over the White House, to a Gospel Music radio station belting out their music at top volume to a petting zoo where you can pay $2 to get a picture with a calf ( yup, texans are always suckers for cows it seems) ...and then their are the people visiting the booths....
Hords of people, mostly families with their little sweaty-headed, baseball jersey-wearing children holding hotdogs, Senior citizens wildly waving free cardboard fans handed out by the local supermarket, and teenagers wearing a wide varitey of hollister t-shirts and summer tans.

I drank the BEST blueberry iced tea....I watched a Sullivan play on the Square.....I saw familiar faces, some whom I hadnt seen in years, some I saw yesterday....I had a surprisingly long and realitively deep conversation with Elaine who, in thinking back, I have NEVER had a long, deep conversation with....she and I were friends with the same large group of friends in high school-but somehow, years later, I think I probably have more in common with her than some of the people I was closer with back then....ironic ( or IS it?)...
yes, the conversation was like air conditioning after a day at the blueberry festival.

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