June 10, 2005

my big toe.

This afternoon I tried to take pics of the puppy....but she kept chewing on my toes, which tickled and made me laugh thus making for bad shots....we'll see if any of them turned out, maybe I'll post one :-)

I watched Hotel Rawanda with Katie and her Mommy....what a wonderful movie! It fed the part of me that wants to join the peace corp...so whether thats a GOOD or a BAD thing is up to you ;-)

I watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith with my sister which was a fun surprise- the theatre was totally packed...lots of annoying highschool and junior highkids....I seriously cant stand them as a whole "genre" of people. Though Anna had some funny comments on the matter-which brings me to the movie- Anna and I decided that we would make FAR better Mrs. Smith characters than ol' Angelina....She isnt funny AT ALL...and always plays such a one dimentional/straight characters and its boring....ok, ok, so we arent QUITE as "hot" as she is....but really how important ARE good skin, tiny body, big boobs and giant lips and cat eyes, anyway?!?!

Brad Pitt on the other hand, HE was funny ;-)

I am lying in my messy room surrounded by lots of clothes and other things BEGGING to be picked up and put away...but Im so tirrrrreeeed.....meeeeeeh

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