June 03, 2005

sorry boys...

Have you ever found that when people ask you what your favorite movie or book is...or some other generic question like that, that you find yourself thinking "what are they going to think about me when I answer?"
Its ALMOST tempting to change your answer to suit the person who's asking...it reminds me of the friends episode where the girls loose the apartment to the boys when they play the trivia game about each other....one of the questions was "What movie does Rachel say is her favorite?"
the next question was "What is really her favorite movie?"

Its a very funny scene, especially because I think there is a little reality in that for all of us.
But, while its tempting...I dont think I have ever actually stooped to LYING about my favorite movie...besides I have several favorites- Lord of the Rings: Return of the King is waaaay up at the top so I think I would probably give it as my answer more than any other...besides I think that a lot of people would really be able to appreciate it and connect with me more-I know that both guys and girls can really appreciate it for its BRILLIANCE.
BUT, today I was watching a movie that ties for number one, as far as me being able to watch it over and over, and well, I realized today that I dont give it as much credit in my list of favorites I always put it towards the bottom...I think I'm almost embarrassed or something!

BUT NO MORE! I dont care if you think I am a shallow girly girl who like fluffy movies...because it turns out I DO. I DO like fluffy girly girl movies....( shallow is debateable)

I LOVE the movie "You've Got Mail".

I started watching it again this morning and I couldnt help but smile the WHOLE time...I know all the words, I think I could actually quote along with the actors.
I LOVE it...because:
The writing theme throughout...the love interest STARTS because they enjoy reading each others emails.
We ALL know how much I appreciate emails ;-)
Meg Ryan runs a book store. It is such a cute store, if I was to have unlimited money I would start a book store JUST LIKE that! I also love the children's book references in the movie...they arent your generic kiddy books...no, they are CLASSICS. Its also a dream of mine to be the "story time lady".
There are also so many conversations I identify with, Tom Hank's character lamenting about being rude and sarcastic to someone who hurt him instead of just being the bigger man...or Meg Ryan's character who finds herself drawing a "blank" when wanting to say something to defend herself...
Oddly enough, I've found myself in BOTH of those shoes...
I love how much Pride and Prejudice is appreciated in the movie.
I love the soundtrack...its so happy.
I love the scene where Meg Ryan's character is sick in bed with a cold...and then when she trys to hid all the kleenex's under pillows when Tom Hanks comes to call...awwww! its so cute!
I also love that scene because she carries the vase of daisies around with her the whole time. I love daisies...they ARE the friendliest flower!!
Yes, I cheer along with this movie. I identify with it so much.

So, I really should tell people its at the top of my list with RotK...because it DOES say a lot about my character-it just isnt the hard defensive shell I usually portray. So admitting to it...is letting down that hard outer covering and admitting that I am a romantic through and through.
Its true.

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