July 30, 2005

sitting in the dark thinking...

I have been by myself in the reading room for the past thirty minutes...doing nothing, now I know I shouldnt complain because that thirty minutes cost $4...and I would just be doing nothing for free at home....but still.

SoOOoOoo, you ask me what I have been doing here in the darkened world that is radiology?!

Looking up baby bands. That's right...those up and coming muscians that, when you think about all the other hundreds, thousands of bands that are trying to make it at the exact same moment....how many will actually go anywhere?! about 5.
5 in 500,000.


I know I have mentioned the particular Nacogdoches favorite "baby band", Sullivan...who I heard in concert last month after not hearing them since high school...they have now changed their name for like the millioneth time....and are now Darcy. Now, this post was going to be all about supporting the underdog...supporting those trying to make it in the vast sea of the musical talented( and not-so-talented)...but I have to make a side comment about the new name of this band. And I would really like to hear what you guys have to say...The name is most probably ( I am only assuming) based on Mr. Darcy the well loved hero of Pride and Prejudice . Which is totally clever if the band wants to attract hundreds and thousands of screaming GIRLS...because as we all know, Mr. Darcy is the most well loved man in all of literature ( or at least he SHOULD be)....but, does a band name like Darcy really attract annnnny male listenership at all? In fact, if I was a guy and I even liked the sound of their music I dont know if I would really get behind them just because I wouldnt want a shirt that said "Darcy" on it. But, then I am not a guy. So thats why I want to know what other people think.

Buuuut, all name problems aside. I like these guys sound. And I am delighted at the strivings they have made in the past few years...I think on their new site you can listen to a few of their songs. Take a listen. You never know, you may be able to say you knew them way back when.....

The other band I came across randomly today ( I dont even remember how) is The profits...interesting sound, a little raw around the edges...but they are worth a listen.

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