September 30, 2005

Autumn, I love you...dont go away!

I have a feeling the cool weather wont last long ( it usually doesnt)...but I will be ready in February when it FINALLY decides to settle down and stay a while ;-)

This morning it was WONDERFUL to wake up, find the song that was in my head when I awaked ( I think I DREAM songs sometimes), get myself a cup of tea, open the door to my balcony and sit and enjoy....ahhhhhhh!

Going to dinner with friends to celebrate a birthday this evening...OOooooOOO! Fun.

WAS going to go to the Shrimp Fest with Me Madre tomorrow but now its cancelled. Meh.

BUT, I cant wait for this weekend-for one thing I have off from work and I feel like its been YEARS since I've been to church (stupid hurricane) ....

Last night I had my family over ( my parents, Anna, Steve and Billie) for dessert, it was my first time to "entertain" at my new apartment...I think it went well :-)

In other news, I've been totally cranky at work the last few day without any reason at all...really trying to work on that- I feel like in a "stressed out world" that is the Hospital it is important for me to be cheerful all the time, no matter what.

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