September 29, 2005


So a cool front came to nac...and for all of those people still without electricity, I am sure it is a gift from God....its, like only 75 degrees at the moment! DOWN RIGHT COLD ( which is like 23 degrees celcius).... BREAK OUT THE SWEATERS! WOOOOOO!

*sigh* I think its incredible how quickly ones body can get used to certain temps.....just last year I would have thought it was HOT outside right now...ah, how things do change ;-)

I just cleaned my house...I feel accomplished.
I watched the fifth disc of Lost (season 1)over breakfast this morning...I was SOOOO sad..meeeeh.
I just opened all the windows and turned up the fans....ahhh...the breeze is brilliant!
I am gearing myself up to go to wal mart because *i* am having the Fam over for dessert tonight.
I am thinking about buying myself a new CD in celebration I need a reason? ;-)
At the moment I am listening to Nat King Cole. I am happy.

I LOVE my day off! :-)

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