October 11, 2005

the job that ate blogger...

yes, its true...and official...and anything else that means "set in stone"....I can no longer access blogger at my work place....




On the bright side I can still access bloglines ( at least for now...) and so I can read most people's posts from there...of course, I still cant comment....read comments...OR read people's blogs that have some how checked the "show part of post" rather than "all of post" on some sort of setting in blogger ( if you arent sure what I am talking about than ask Sam, because he was one of those who only had part of his posts show up...and he fixed it for me) ..and is REALLY annoying when only the first couple of sentences show up ( Carmi, Bing so far you are the two I noticed today...) everybody check just to make sure!
But, of course, the WORST part is:

Its horrible, and I spent most of the day sending emails to people...it was actually really lucky that Paul obviously sits at his computer and replies to my emails all day at HIS workplace...or I really would have been bored out of my mind.....Seriously, I am still in shock-and I've been desiring to come home and blog alllll daaaaaay.
Remember when I use to only blog once a day, and that was usually at night ( we're talking waaaay back when I first started blogging)? Well, I may have to revive what that was like because no longer can we enjoy my personal narrative throughout the day.

Ok, ok, I will TRY to move on from this horrible news....

What I would have posted if I had been able to:

I couldnt sleep until 2:30am last night...it was all because of these three, seemingly harmless glasses of blackberry tea that I had at Chili's...uh-oh.
As you may or may not know...I went through this period my senior year in highschool where i decided that "tea was the new coffee" because I wanted to be different, and because I really do like tea....anyway, then EVERYONE and their dogs started drinking Chai this and Chai that...it was even in Time Magazine about how very "in" tea was...which totally annoyed me and I went back to being a coffee fiend.....annnnyway, in the last few weeks I've been randomly craving tea again, and I've been drinking it every few days or so instead of my coffee....but for some reason, I hardly ever equate tea with HARDCORE CAFFINE in the same way that I do coffee....BIG MISTAKE....

I was soooo awake last night...I finally had to drug myself to get to sleep...and then this morning the maintanance people were doing something LOUDLY outside of my window at the crack of dawn...I finally got out of bed and SLAMMED my window shut....sadly, they didnt seem offended or put off by this act of definance...but I comforted myself for setting my alarm clock for "later" and slept an extra 30 minutes.

In other news, my car is home from the doctors...and it no longer shakes violently when I put on the brakes....woooo.
The episode of the Gilmore Girls that was on tonight was EXTRA good...I have NO IDEA what they are trying to pull with Luke and Loreli...are they in trouble? are they NOT in trouble? I cant even really tell....its confusing...but the OTHER plotlines were totally juicy and satisfying...and I'll stop there so I dont ruin it for anyone.

Wow, isnt it cool how that previous paragraph started out about my car and then went into a little rant about the Gilmore Girls? Now THAT is what I call good writing ;-)

Speaking of talented...a BIG congrats to Dave for getting the job in Wellington...I am SO proud and excited for you! :-) :-) I cant be happier really....Of course, its strange that *i* am going to be friends with a genuine high school maths teacher...whaaaaat? crazy pills I tell you!

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