October 11, 2005

the things you do...

huh...so this was today ( my day off mind you):

I was awaked sometime around 8ish with a phonecall from my Papa saying he was ready to take my car to get the brakes worked on....of course, I was immediately like "nooooo! I dont wannnnnt tooooo." In my head but then I realized probably the reason he was being so quick to respond to this particular business was a conversation we had had the night before which went something like this:

Abigail: "Papa, I know you are busy, but I was going to get my brakes looked at tomorrow like you told me to ( about two months ago) since its my day off....would you go with me? Since, I'm a girl...I dont want to go by myself.....

Papa: Well, I have to meet with the builders tomorrow at eight-and its really better to go early-and it will probably take more than a day....

( at this point I could tell he wasnt into the plan...)
Abigail: Well, thats ok, we dont have to do it tomorrow...we'll wait till some other time ( obviously I wasnt TOO rushed...I'd already waited two months longer than I should have anyway)

Papa: Maybe next week....

Abigail: Of course, If I die...it WILL be on your head. hahaha!

yeah, looking back that parting shot was really uncalled for...and probably why I got a call at 8ish on my day off....hehehe...
I DO have a wonderful father though...he takes such good care of me! Plus, he will probably have to drive me to work tomorrow since my car isnt suppose to be ready until later tomorrow....So, yes he gets bonus points...and he also no longer has my death hanging over him...I'll be sure to blame it on someone else instead ;-)

You know what strangeness happened today? You know those really long questionaire things that you so often get sent and then told to fill out and sent to your friends? Well, I ALWAYS fill them out...because...well...I'm like that....so I was going to send it back to my aunt, that orginally sent it to me, but I also randomly went through my address book and picked people that I thought just MIGHT reply...or at least read it without deleting it first...and you would not BELIEVE what happened?!? I got like FIVE responses!! It was incredible! I dont think I've EVER gotten those things back before...I seriously thought I was the ONLY ONE that did those! It was so cool....hahahahaa! Now I wish I had sent it to more people...maybe that's why people responded? because it was just a short list and so they figured they should respond? Who knows? Maybe it was just my lucky day! :-)

In other random news...some person I dont even know asked me if I was "Abigail Abt" on a blog comment today....seriously, the internet is getting to be TOO SMALL. I also spent a good portion of the day looking up towns where people were that read my blog...yes, I CAN see you out there, little blog readers! I know you think you are safe...but my site counter now tells me what TOWN the internet provider is of the people that read my blog...so, those of you living in Illinois...Virginia...California...fess up...I know you are there......seriously though, in the last few weeks I've been thinking about internet saftey...I wonder if maybe I am waaay too open with information, I mean, PROBABLY if people tired hard enough they could track me down....but then the likelyhood of that is probably just as high as me being the victim of a random crime...so, I have decided NOT to worry about it. *ahem* It IS odd to know that I have readers that I dont actually know...I mean, even if they just commented to say how they got to my blog or something....THAT would make me feel better...its the silence that gets me *hint*hint*
On the lighter side...I did learn some geography today ;-)

Katie is having a party at our house of Friday night...I am excited about meeting her friends...I need to met new people. The small pool of friends I DO have have the high chance of leaving in the next couple of months...*sigh* as much of a social butterfly as I am...I HATE having to find new friends...it stinks...you have to be on your best behavior ;-) Besides, where am I suppose to MEET thise "friend" people anyway?!

In unrelated events, I started reading the Lord of the Rings again today...Its slowish going actually because my least favorite part is the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring...I just have to get through Tom Bombadil and all will be well...I am doing things a bit differently this time, though, since I will probably be teaching my mom's freshman english class on Lord of the Rings...I am highlighting my favorite passages....which I hate doing...its annoying to stop reading to highlight..it gets you out of the grove.

In futher unrelated facts, my windows are open-which I love...but I can hear a phone ringing somewhere and it just wont stop...that is ALMOST as bad as the evil dog...but not quite.


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