October 12, 2005

the Yahoo! way

So, I'm doing this whole posting via email thing...mmmmmwhahahaha! They just THOUGHT they could stop me!
This morning has been so very odd...for one thing the neighbors downstairs ( you know, the ones with the stupid dog) have gone even MORE over the edge....yesterday Katie mentioned that she thought one of them was sick because the visitors that come in an out were more dressed up than normal...but, ummm...you wouldnt have known it this morning...the older women was outside sweeping her porch at like 7:30...and then she was moving around furniture. And talking extremly loud about cooking some meal and she was asking someone really loudly ( in a very hick accent mind you) should we have "Green beans or Okra?"
I think they must have responded with, "huh, I cant hear you." because she continued to repeat
over and over for what seemed like eternity.
I kid you not...this all happened.
It was all I could do not to stick my head out the window and say.
"Pick green beans already!"
But I didnt.
I really dislike those people.
I finally decided to get out of bed at around 8am..because, for one thing, I was hating the neighbors too much to actually sleep anymore...annnnnd...I was extremely hungry for some reason. Usually I dont like to eat breakfast until I've been a wake at least an hour...but this morning I woke UP being hungry...
Wow, we've really reached a new low when, me talking about my eating habits becomes something worth talking about. *sigh*

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