October 09, 2005

what a difference a nap ( and a Sunday) makes...

Thanks to everyone and their comments-they meant a lot! :-)

Today I really did feel a lot better...I KNEW that I just needed to go ahead and address the issue rather than just mulling over it in my head for days ( which is what I had done)...and praying about it sooo helped. But, you know the lesson learned here is that just because I've prayed about it-doesnt mean I am through with it-I must continually give my life to Jesus...for how easily my own plans, my own dreams creep slowly in!

I had the best nap this afternoon...from about three till almost five...woooo! I was late to church because it went on so long! :-) But I SOO needed the sleep, because I've been having such trouble as of late. My windows are open and my fan is on...and weather is SO cool!!! I LOVE it! It is optimal sleeping weather...

You know what we havent done in a while? "Played the itunes on Shuffle" game....
So here are the songs I'm listening to whilest writing this blog....

"Marry Me", Dolly Parton...dedicated to Katie and Thomas...tonight I saw Katie's wedding dress...and its PERFECT. *sigh* I love weddings.

"Smile", Lyle Lovett...this song has always been a favorite, because of the lyrics...but this version has to be one of the absolute best...its from the movie Hope Floats-and it gets me everytime. :-)

"Still", Hillsong....what a beautiful praise song....sometimes I really really have to have praise times by myself in my room....no one's watching so you can get face down on the ground and then singing at the top of my voice. Does the heart good.

"These Thousand Hills", Third day...I still have a big goal of going to a third day concert...I absolutely LOVE their first Offerings CD...I have run that CD into the ground and I still LOVE it.

"The World Below", Collective Soul....classic song...gotta love the chorus " So I walk up on high and I step to the edge
To see my world below and I laugh at myself as the years roll down...."

"All because of You", Steve Kinnaird...this song is from the tape that Steve made of the songs he wrote back when he was in college...I seriously went to sleep with that tape playing for the first five years of my life...wonderful memories...and the songs are still wonderful. Somebody needs to make Steve make a CD-because this sound quality deserves to be better!

"As Time goes by", Jimmy Durante...ah....this song always makes me think of my Papa...he wanted my sister and I to play this on the piano so badly...somehow in never happened...something i really regret now...I mean, he paid for ten years of piano lessons for Anna and 9 years for me...you would think he would get that one thing. It IS a great romantic song though. Casablanca is truly a classic movie.

ok....one more song....

"Foolish Games" Jewel....hmmm...dont have much to say about this song....but, then you always get some random songs when you put your itunes on shuffle...that is why its so much fun!

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