November 06, 2005

16 more days till the birthday

Things are working out so perfectly! Today I got to spend part of the day with my influencial person!

My PawPaw
The older I get the more I find my grandfather amazing...but I'll start out with the things I noticed, even when I was little...
my pawpaw is a man of "sayings" he has a million of them! One visit my sister and I tried to write them all down so we could remember them...but we've never been able to catch them all...because they come so quickly!
"The drunker I sit the longer I get."
" Get behind me satan and dont push."
"Stick it right out there I'll hit it for you."
"Merry Christmas you little brat, I'm getting you a baseball bat...I'd like to use it on your head. Merry Christmas, Uncle Ned."

To name a few....the incredible thing is he puts these sayings IN CONTEXT into conversation...he cracks me up! And probably everyone else around him too! I think in a lot of ways, he is one of the main reasons I appreciate "word play" so much.

My grandfather is like the perfect story book grandfather, you know...the kind that always makes his grandchildren feel extremly special and loved. I am always always overwhelmed by how much he supports me and loves me. He is SUCH a trooper that he actually flew to NZ to see me...for his 80th Birthday! I have always been so proud to introduce him to my friends because he never fails to shine kindness and genuine delight to meet people and talk to them.
Pawpaw, is definitely a people person, whenever we've gone to visit him so so many people come up to use in church to tell us how much they love my Pawpaw....I've always been truly impressed by this. I really actually think to myself everytime I am around him, I hope that I am able to keep on making a difference in the lives of my friends like this when *i* am 83...

This weekend is a PERFECT example of one of the other cool things about my grandfather....he is mother says that as a kid they use to just get in the car and go on vacation a whole day earlier than planned and things like that....and then, this weekend Pawpaw called my grandfather from Nacogdoches to tell us he was here! In a lot of ways that attitude is inspiring to me...

I think in this day in age there can often be TOO MUCH structure and planning...and there are definitely parts of my life that could do with a little less of the structure and a little more the "fly by the seat of my pants".
As the years go by, I am learning more and more what a blessing Pawpaw has been to me, his prayers and his love, his ever sarcastic wit...they are a part of me that I do not KNOW what I would be without....

Present of the day: A little journal....we ALL know how many I go through! the perfect gift ;-)

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