November 05, 2005

17 days until we celebrate...

In continuing with the most influential people in my life thus far...


I met Amy when I was nine and we've been friends ever since.
Recently I was doing a little writing on my "book" and I wrote this and well its so UTTERLY based on my friendship with Amy that I'll quote myself! hahaha.

______ was eight years old (the same age as myself) and lived around the corner. At the time, such a coincidence could only be celebrated with a “play date” and at said event it seemed the coincidences would not stop at age and location. It turned out that ____ liked Barbie’s, and not only THAT she knew her children’s literature and could therefore incorporate such beloved characters as Laura Ingiles, Anne Shirley, and Nancy Drew into our Barbie’s plotlines just as seamlessly as I. It was too much for my eight year old resolutions to take and before I knew it ____ and I were Friends.

Now, things take a very different turn in the book...but the beginning is exactly how it happened between Amy and I. You could say childhood memories from that time on usually had Amy in them...we've had SO much fun together! Of course, we eventually grew out of "playing", which sometimes I think is totally a shame, because I bet Amy and I were the most creative kids around....however, amazingly enough my friendship with Amy evolved right along with life. Not to say we didnt have our fights, but it always seemed that at the end I realized that I NEEDED Amy more than any disagreement could change my mind.
I have my journals from the fifth grade ( we had to write in a journal during English class) and just about every single day it said something about how GLAD I was that Amy was my friend. In so many ways, I think, as young person the mere knowledge that SOMEONE out there other than your parents like you is a saving grace. Amy was mine. I realize now just what I gift that was.
In high school we Amy and I were not as inseperable, yet Amy still played an important roll in my life. Amy was a voice of reason in many many a social setting...we would go to a party together and I would be in the middle of it somewhere...and then we would leave together and Amy would disect the party all the way was incredibly funny most of the time, but I think looking back on it, I think it was also important for me to see the whole "social soap opera of high school" through very practical ( if not bitingly sarcastic) eyes. It was as if Amy always saw things from the big picture, and she let me look through her eyes every now and then.
As the years have gone on, my friendship with Amy continues to change with when we talk we discuss Literature for hours..something we probably wouldnt have done as 16 year olds. Yes, we've discussed lifes subjects as they've come to us...parents, sisters, holidays, crushes, dreams, school, going away to university, boys, graduating, grad school, jobs, apartments..the list will probably just keep on going. ;-)
I know that Amy and I will always be friends, such friends are gifts from God, and I dont think they are taken away. Amy was my angel when I was still trying to figure out who I was, she was patient with me when I was dramatic, she was forgiving when I was selfish...I am truly thankful that God gave me a companion to grow up with, to get through all those akward stages with. She is truly a sister to me, and when I think back over my life and all the lessons I had to learn, and how many of those lessons had Amy sitting next to me whispering into my ear...well, for a nonmathmatic person such as myself it is impossible to calculate. What I DO know is I would not be who I am today without my best of friends, Amy...

Today I got a "mug tree" to hang my coffee mugs on...adorable.

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