November 04, 2005

18 more days...

Okie tonight I am breaking my own rules...I know, I soon? but, I'll be doing it several more times during the next 17 days so get use to it! Besides! I couldnt REALLY narrow it down to 21 people!?!

Steve and Billie
Usually when I discribe these two to people I just say "they are my second parents" and I just leave it at that...the longer version is...well, longer. Steve and Billie are my parents best friends...My papa and Steve pastored a church together in Dallas, and then Steve and Billie moved to Nacogdoches so that Steve could be the pastor of Bethlehem Mission and soon after my parents moved back here too...and the rest is history. One of my VERY earliest memories was falling asleep listening to my parents and Steve and Billie talking...I wouldnt really want to go to bed, because listening to them all talk was fascinating...but, then, I was five and pretty much everything went over my head...
When I think about it, I am extremely lucky to have such a up-close view of my many people I have talked to have this insane "awe" of their pastor...and I was always shocked by that...I just think of Steve eating the last piece of pie or laughing really really hard at some silly joke. Yet, on the other hand, I have learned so much from Steve, and I respect him so much. I was saved in one of his wednesday night services...I have learned so much of the Bible, and so much about so many amazing saints of history listening to him preach. Sometimes I sit at church and I think of how so many people go to giant-mega churches...and they dont hear messages even half as good-and it hurts my heart...I am just beginning to understand just how much he has toiled over our church, and how much he has to put in to give out every Sunday, every Wednesday, every Saturday night...and everyday in between. But the Lord is faithful to His faithful servants. Billie is equally important to me, her prayers blow me away, and the finger she wags in my face when she thinks I need a good talking to...I dont know what I would be without her example in my life. In many ways I feel that her prayers have overcome more than many actions that other have taken. As the years have past I have appreciated what they have given me more and more-when I left for University I saw just how much I had been sheltered from because of their attention and I also realize how I was equipt for what I had to face because of their teaching and advice.
Steve is the most amazing musician, the guitars he builds are pieces of art. I still listen to the recordings of his songs that I went to sleep to as a little child ( you'll remember my horrible night of car alarms). Billie is the most loyal friend. I know that she would stand up for me no matter what, yet at the same time she would not be afraid to tell me when I am being silly and when I need to snap out of it.
I guess God knew that Anna and I needed not one but two sets of parents....I do not know what I would do without them in my life....


The apartment is officially decorated for Thanksgiving, I got decorations as my golden b-day present today. goody! ;-)

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