December 19, 2005


Me: Do you have the 5th Season of Gilmore Girls to rent?
Guy: you know when it came out?
Me: Why yes, it came out LAST Tuesday.
Guy: Oh...( looks it up on computer)....well, yes I think we have it in the back.
Me: Oh?
Guy: We are putting them on the shelves tonight
( I look at the guy as though I KNOW he is going to make the right decision)
Guy: you want me to go GET it out of the back?
Me: Why YES! that sounds like an excellent idea.
Guy: Just the first disk?
Me: Um...weeeellll....the first THREE would be better...buut...

And this is how I ended up on the couch all evening...well, that and my movie plans falling through.

I feel blue.

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