February 01, 2006

Making everybody happy...

Soooo...the poll results are in ( I got tired of it) and so before we move onto something infinitely more interesting-lets look at the results, shall we?

5% of you love it when I share about my (awesome) job experiences-which is interesting since my job is relatively boring to hear about...maybe the person who voted for this just felt sorry for the choice since no one had picked it?

5% of you enjoy my LotR quotes-and since Brett admitted that this was his choice, I will just go ahead and thank him personally for liking these particular posts- thankgoodness! since, even though I would obstinately continue to post quotes and the like-I would always feel a bit annoyed with my readers that no one else "loves them as much as I do"

20% love Episodes with Evil Neighbor. Of course, this obviously means that you, in some small way, enjoy my suffering...thanks, thanks a lot.

30% of you enjoy my minute by minute accounts of my day ( with editoral comment). Gee, this makes me feel special. Since, "minute by minute" can turn into pretty boring times for all involved-but, turns out six of you are into that kind of thing...which is lucky since now I dont have to feel guilty about posting three or four times a day.

40% ( and the winner of this poll...if there were such a thing as winners in this sort of thing) love posts that reveal what is "going on in my head." Wow. Can someone say "stalker"? hehe...just kidding. No, this is truly a compliment since every-single post in some form or fashion reveals what is going on in my head-which MEANS that you must like every single post! awwww...that is sooo sweet. I'm blushing.
NOW, on to are next poll question...this is one of my favorite questions to ask people at parties-perferably when i've never spoken to them before...therefore making the person think I'm totally strange.
I, of course, feel like peoples answers say a lot about them...I will share my thoughts once the poll is completed. mmmwwwwhahahaha

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