January 04, 2006

ewwwww! gross.

So, I came home tonight and took some medicine. I am afraid I am getting a HINT of a sore throat...which, I am sure wont be around in the morning so I wouldnt even mention it, except that it brings me to some "interesting" ( as in its about my very mundane life..which is why you read this blog, right?) news:
I've developed a new very strange fascination with hand sanitizers.
SERIOUS, I am a HUGE fan of Purell with Aloe and vitimin E especially since all of YOU dear people said the reason I was getting sick all the time, was because I worked in a hospital.
Duh. I know! But, even though I realized my risk...I started to actually THINK about how many of the germs were reaching me...and well, it was enough to disgust anyone.
So, I went out and bought my very own hand sanitizer that sits by my computer at work...I put it on all the time, and while I've only had it around for two weeks or so now...I have a feeling it may take the place of chapstick as my latest addiction!
I CANT stop putting the stuff on! Its so cool how it just evaporates on your hands...taking 99.9% of germs with it...and leaving a sort of aloe/alcohol smell behind...delighful ;-)

But, this evening I was in the car...at Sonic and I was about to take a bite out of my burger when I thought..."OH NO! I just handled all of my change to pay for this....and now i am going to eat?! Ewwwww! Gross!"

Now, some of you may find this a very valid and normal thought...but let me just say, I've NEVER been this obsessed with clean hands! I mean, sure I wash my hands when a sink is available...but I am not one of those go out of my way for cleanliness...in fact, I've always felt that that was ok, since people lived for hundreds of thousands of years with a MUCH less level of cleanliness right? And they were ok ( minus the plagues and such....heh)...so a few little germs here and there werent going to kill me. In fact, I went so far as to say they probably made me stronger....
But, now....now, I've decided they may not kill me...but they could SURE make my life miserable-which is the major difference. And probably why i waited till I got home to eat my hamburger...
And yet....even after all that cleaning and washing I STILL have a sore throat. What's up with THAT?!

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