January 27, 2006

Ghetto style...

I woke up to the sound of yelling this morning...it FELT like it was 4 o'clock in the morning...but turns out it was 2:30. meh, whatever, once I'm asleep it doesnt matter WHAT time it is! It was a bad time.

Unfortunately(?) the yelling wasnt coming from Formally Known as Evil Neighbor's apartment-because, no matter HOW far I've come in my forgivness and loving ones neighbor ways...it would have been kinda satisfying to call the police on her. Anyway, instead, the yelling was coming from my OTHER neighbors...I share a bedroom wall with them...and last night I shared in their yelling conversation as well. It was seriously THAT loud-and it went on for HOURS.
What I deduced from what I could hear:
A. A women was very very angry about something.
B. Said women had an incredible set of lungs.
C. The anger did not subside though it would take a breather for several minutes every now and then-allowing me to fall back asleep and then be awakened allll ooooover again.

But, even though I had this little incident-I am suprisingly awake and with it today. Probably because I had coffee with Trinity this morning. A nice way to start the day. (Have to soak in as much Trinity and James time as possible because pretty soon they will be James, Trinity and Baby...so crazy! Yet oh-so-exciting. )

Plus...its FRIDAY! *whew* I cant tell you how HAPPY I am about this fact, and while I am working tomorrow I get Sunday off-which is far more important to me than Saturdays anyway.

Plus...Dr.Happy bought Dee and I lunch-wooooo! that man lives through his stomache and every so often ( at least once a week) he will use Dee and I as an excuse to eat out for lunch instead of eating the salads his poor wife tries in vain to get him to eat.

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