January 27, 2006


Yes, I am constantly thinking on how to improve your blog-reading pleasure and this is my newest brainstorm:

Since soooo many of you REFUSE to comment because you have to tell us all who you are...I've come up with a new exciting way for you to interact in the blogging world- anonymous polls! That's right! I will ask you a new question every few days and YOU can answer the multiple choice questions without anyone knowing who you are! ANNNND as an added bonus-since you already come back multiple times a day to read comments ( you dont? Well, you should...I know *I* do!) now you can also see the poll results!
Sweeeeet! I know you're going to LOVE this :-)
And if you ARE the commenting type, feel free to leave me poll question suggestions.

Thanks to my dear friend Justin for making this dream a reality.

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