January 26, 2006

"Reading Room, this is Abbey!"

So, close your eyes and imagine me lounging in front of the T.V. letting my brain "rest" while I watch a DVD...and then the phone rings...and I answer it....
Let me just tell you-it is REEEEALLY amazing that I dont just blurt out "Reading Room, this is Abbey!" without thinking, since I say it a million times a day...in fact, today ( starting now, at 10:23) I am going to COUNT how many times I say it.
Somethings just are imbedded in your subconscious...

Hey, so how's everyones day going? I havent blogged this early in a while! I guess its just one of those days where I am in a more "talkative" mood. Something I havent really been in a while-who knows why? I guess I've had a lot on my mind-you know, personal details-the stuff we so carefully avoid...( ooooh maaaan! I just realized I had started to quote a movie without realizing it! hahaha!)

Anyway, we all know its not true about the "personal details"...I am constantly sharing toomuchinformation with my readers...But, amazingly enough there ARE some things I dont write about! HA! Imagine that!!!!
Actually, I think the reason for the lackluster-take on blogging this week is that I realized just that...words are often not enough.

Example: Most of the time, during my quiet times I write down just about EVERY THING. Its almost like I really cant sort things out well enough in my head-I have to write it down for it to stick-or at least that's how I feel sometimes.
BUT, there are somethings that are too deep for words...too personal even for a personal journal. But, even as I write this I think-is that actually true? I think of some of my favorite authors and I think about how BEAUTIFULLY they express the very whispers in my soul...they put words to very personal feelings...infact, as I read their words I say out loud, "YES! That's EXACTLY how it is!!!"
I guess you could say that is why I love them so much...they are like translators of the deepest communications with God.
I think that type of translating is truly a Gift from God, and as I see how very often I fail at being able to do it on my own-I am more and more thankful for those with the gift...how they have helped and encouraged my spiritual life....how they have put the most important of experiences into words for me!

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