January 28, 2006

grey, like the day...

blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I totally woke up on the wrong side of the bed. So I am starting this post with a little whining:

It is all grey and wet and rainy outside...and its saturday...therefore PERFECT for sleeping in...but noooo...I didnt get to sleep in....instead I came to work, where I've been waiting for a very late doctor to arrive for the past hour. I mean, SUUUURE, I am being paid to sit here and type this post to you...but I DONT CARE. Sometimes, I just want to sleep in! BOOOOOO!
*end of whining*

Well! I guess its a good thing that I've been sitting here by myself for the past hour-giving me time to 'adjust my attitude' a bit. Maybe I'll even try to be "cheery" when my doctor arrives. maybe. ( so as I typed that the Doctor in question arrived...with Mcdonalds...so THAT'S where he's been! and he didnt even BRING me any! *humph!*)

okokok, seriously, I will try and be a little less grouchy....

On a different note: The poll seems to be going well...though I dont think I'll take it down until I get 25 people-because that only seems right-of course, do I have 25 people that READ this blog? hmmm...I dont really know....But, I do encourage you to vote if you havent yet. And at this very moment I am thinking up some new and exciting poll questions and possible answers! OOoooOooOOOooo fun.

In other news, my doctors Mcdonalds smells uncommonly good...and my own cup of green tea is looking uncommonly unsatisfying.

OK, so this entire post was written without me having had my usual cup of ____, can you guess with all the many hints in this post what I am missing so very much? And dont you agree I should never try to attempt working early in the morning without it again?

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