January 28, 2006

Poll Results

Well, I've gotten bored of our little poll....so on to something new, but before we do, that final tally:
The Question was "Why do you read this blog?"

10% of you read because, "Abigail's incredible writing style is so great it brings tears to my eyes."
( my personal favorite answer)

20% of you read because, "Laughing at Abigail brings much needed joy to my days."
( the answer that *I* personally gave...yes, I get to take my own polls, thank you very much.)

25% of you read because, "It is updated so very often-meaning I can procrastinate more often."
( the answer that I thought would get the most results.)

45% of you read because, "Abigail is SOOO HOOOT."
( The cop-out answer, for those of you that dont KNOW why you read...hehe.)

Of course, this proves several things...mostly that online polls teach us nothing...

but they are fun anyway, right?

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