January 13, 2006


Its Friday the 13th my dear friends! hehehe...I actually think I would have gotten through the whole day without putting that together if the girl I worked with hadnt gotten all riled up about it a minute ago. :-P
So, what bad luck has befallen me thus far, you ask? Weeeelll..I DID spill coke on myself this morning, but that's partically and everyday occurance so that shouldnt really count. Besides, I feel like that fact that it is "friday" overrules any bad luck the number "13" might bring about.

In other news, because I lacked something to do, I found a Sudoka puzzle online...and started to figure it out...two hours later...and I am NO WHERE to getting it. Meh. HAHAHAHA!

On a more serious note, this morning when I was doing my morning quiet time...and, yes, Aunty D...I DO read My Utmost for His Highesttoo! I felt ultra guilty about how much I give out advice, its seems like EVERY day I have something to tell someone...I mean, I just really hate how often I feel like I feel 'called' to tell people to get with the programme or something! I mean, it never fails that after I give the advice or give the person my opinion I IMMEDIATELY want to take it back, I seriously spend the next day and a half wrestling with whatever I said...wondering if I did the right thing, etc. etc.
I'm just SO tired of having to fight it all. This has to mean I am doing the wrong thing by opening my mouth, right? I mean, surely this is not the way it should be?!
*sigh* I am tempted to swear off giving any advice...unless its in the form of encouragment and happy words for a LOOOONG TIMMMMME...but I know, you can never make such widespread statements when it comes to God...but what I DO think is in order is some serious prayer about this. One thing I feel incredibly convicted about is never to speak in my OWN wisdome and knowledge, and i feel that maybe I need to pray on things longer before I say them or something? meh...it such a hard thing.

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