January 05, 2006

My Dear Friend Kristy...

Oh, yes, I am such a cheater! So, maybe you remember way far back ( to November) when I did a particular tribute to some of my dear ones...and obviously there were not enough days in the year....oh no! not even close...and in fact, sadly because of my slack nature I actually skipped days...horrible I know! But, all along I had the general plan to return to some of the dear ones who I was not able to mention...so that I might fulfill my NEED to write about them.

Today is my friend Kristy's Birthday.
And in her honor, I will write about how very important she has been in my life.

Kristy has been a source of joy in my life. The radiating kind of joy, the kind that warms the heart is winter.
"joy in the morning" to be more exact ( for she is, afterall, very much a morning person). Some of my most favorite memories of my time in Dunedin revolve around a cup of coffee with Kristy, for she is truly a friend who knows how to have a good chat over a latte. Those chats were incredibly important in all the things I did in my time in Dunedin...so many of the things God had me to do, He also gave Kristy to help me with them. For she encouraged and shared in my desire to develop the relationships among the girls in Cutting Edge during my second year and together we started the "girls bible study"...she was also my most helpful advisor when I first became a life group leader...she helped me when I took on the crazy task of writing the Cutting Edge News Letter....and while it sounds like I am giving a reference list or something...ultimately, Kristy is the perfect helper to a friend in need. For she was not only a great giver of practical help-always, always there to lend a hand...she was also the perfect giver of emotional help...for she knew how to cry with a person, and laugh with a person as though the pains and joys of others were truly her own. Kristy's heart shone through in all she did. And I learned so much about finding my passions by watching Kristy seek her own.
She also taught me a lot about love. Together we went through one of the funniest ( well, NOW it seems funny), dramatic "love-affairs" together ...and looking back, I see how cleverly and graciously the Lord placed us together to get through that time with Faith and Love intact.
Her friendship helped me through one of THE toughest things I've ever done. I spent my last month in New Zealand with Kristy, and I know that was not a light coincidence. Together we faced the same sadness, the same fears, the same anger and doubts about leaving ( all at various times...) and the same wonderful memories. It was so wonderful to have someone going through that with me. When it could have been such a lonely time the Lord send a friend.
When I returned to the States, Kristy was a continual encouragment to me as we somehow sorted out our huge life changes, once again she was my helper during that rough time...and truly a gift from God.
Yes, in so many ways the Lord showed me more about myself and more about Him through my friendship with Kristy. It is a beautiful thing when you can see how the paths of two people can come together that they may walk beside each other for a while. Kristy, is truly one of my dearest friends for whom I am grateful to have walked beside. I know that wherever she is, whatever she is doing-the Joy of the Lord will be there too, I only hope our paths overlap again from time to time....

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