January 14, 2006

a REAL saturday!

First off, I have to wish Paul and Thomas both a happy birthday....best wishes and all the good stuff...

Actually, I just got back from a little Thomas- inspired gathering, which was good fun...I gave Thomas a garden gnome that I painted myself...I was quite proud of it actually, though my painting skills probably need a little work. ;-)

I came home to all of the mess I had left out being magically put away by my very favorite apartment fairy...yaaaaay! for great roommates! Seriously it MADE my night! :-)

I know I told everyone to go get the Mikeschair CD off of itunes the other day, but just in case that was "too much for you"...maybe you should just get my favorite song...which is "My Lovely"...I adore this song...I am having to stop myself from listening to it on repeat.

My mom asked my why i was "all dressed up" today, and I realized she probably said that because she was seeing me with makeup for the first time in weeks. ooops. I need to make more of an effort. OR HOW WILL I EVER GET MYSELF A MAN!?!
aaaahahahah! ( that was a joke). But, seriously, as more and more of my friends get married...and have CHILDREN...I must remind myself more and more how very happy I am in all of my singleness glory- I mean, getting a boyfriend just because "everyone else is doing it"...reeeeally isnt a good enough reason for me :-)

Thanks to all of my "blog lurkers" for coming clean...dont you feel better?! hehehe...And for all of those who HAVENT revealed yourself yet...you'll sleep better, loose weight, find twenty dollars on the ground, and all your wishes will come true if you just comment today!

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