January 20, 2006

ugg....I feel fat!

hehehe...maaaan! I ate the best foods today, seriously, I feel like I spent the whole day eating ( not a bad thing!) :

Sushi....mmmmmmmm! Sushi Ya's House Roll rocks my world-and yes, that is the place where Katie and I made a huge spectical of ourselves almost a year ago ( seriously! Was it THAT LONG ago!?)...luckily, I was with Paul and he's all buddy-buddy with Jim ( the owner and the guy that yelled at Katie)....so I may be working my way back into good graces..

after just a few hours...

Italian food....mmmmmm! Went to Union Cafe with the family ( Aunty D. is HERE!!!! yaaaaaay! It soooo great having her here, she is truly a kindred spirit.) and I had the best tortollini ( is that how you spell it?!) and it was fantastic. Finished the night with dessert and I am STUFFED.

I need some water...I'm thirsty...nighty night!

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