February 16, 2006

All together lovely, (and more quotes)

I feel better ( and thanks for the encouraging comments, and the comments to make me laugh, I appreciate it more than you know) , and even as I did my quiet time tonight..it was as if I could just feel whatever 'that' was being lifted.Yes, much, much better...Anyway, I didnt want to leave my blog in the shambles that I felt it was in...unrest? Would that be the right word? Anyway, I'm going to leave this day, and this blog with something that I love...more quotes! :-) ( what else?) -And can I just say, if I found a guy like Faramir ( in real life, obviously) ...I'd be in love in a SECOND.


"Yet by a sense other than sight Pippin perceived that Gandalf had the greater power and the deeper wisdom, and a majesty that was veiled."

"Yet in the wizard's face Pippin saw at first only lines of care and sorrow; though as he looked more intently he perceived that under all there was a great joy: a fountain of mirth enough to set a kingdom laughing, were it to gush forth."

"Yes, Master Peregrin, we have this honour: ever we bear the brunt of the chief hatred of the Dark Lord, for that hatred comes down out of the depths of time and over the deeps of the Sea. Here will the hammer-stroke fall hardest. And for that reason Mithrandir came hither in such haste. For if we fall, who shall stand? And, Mast Peregrin, do you see any hope that we shall stand?"

"There go three that I love ( King Theoden, Eomer and Merry), and the smallest not the least, Aragorn said. "he knows not to what end he rides! Yet if he knew, he still would go on."
"A little people, but of great worth are the Shire-folk, said Halbarad, "little do they know of our long labour for the safekeeping of their borders, and yet I grudge it not."
"And now our fates are woven together, " said Aragorn.

"A time may come soon," said Aragorn to Eowyn, "when none will return. Then there will be need for valour without renown, for none shall remember the deeds that are done in the last defence of our homes. Yet the deeds will not be less valiant because they are unpraised."

Then Aragorn led the way, and such was the strength of his will in that hour that all the Dunedain and their horses followed him. And indeed the love that the horses of the Rangers bore for their riders was so great that they were willing to face even the terror of the Door, if their masters' hearts were steady as they walked beside them.

But when the dawn came, cold and pale, Aragorn rose at once, and he led the Company forth upon the journey of greatest haste and weariness that any among them had known, save he alone, and only his will held them to go on.

"At times some Rider of Rohan would lift up his clear voice in stirring song, and Merry felt his heart leap, though he did not know what it was about."

"A young man, Merry thought as he returned the glance, less in height and girth than most. He caught the glint of clear grey eyes and then he shivered, for it came suddenly to him that it was the face of one without hope who goes in search of death."

( When Pippin saw Faramir's face) he caught his breath. It was the face of one who had been assailed by a great fear or anguish, but has mastered it and now is quiet.

Here was one with an air of high nobility such as Aragorn at times revealed, less high perhaps, yet also less incalculable and remote: one of the Kings of Men born into a later time, but touched with the wisdom and sadness of the Elder Race. He knew now why Beregond spoke (Faramir's) name with love. He was a captain that men would follow, that he ( Pippin) would follow even under the shadow of the black wings.
"Faramir!" He cried aloud with the others. "Faramir!"

"Ever your desire is to appear lordly and generous as a king of old, gracious, gentle. That may well befit one of high race, if he sits in power and peace. But in desperate hours gentleness maybe repaid with death," said Lord Denethor.
"So be it." said Faramir.

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