February 03, 2006

February...my music month.

OK kids, I've started the looong process of listening to ALL of my music. And i invite you to join me in the process if you so desire. It really is quite fun and really the only rules are that you really DO listen to EVERY SINGLE song that you own...whether that be on CD, tape, mp3...whatever...you can even choose how you do it...in the past I have done it by genre and even by album...but this year I am doing it by SONG...which means I have a very strange mixture of music at times ( this is done much easier when you have itunes-since it puts them all in order for me...its much harder once I get to my CDs that are not on my computer...I'll probably just go by album when I get to that point)

My reasons for having this little "runthrough" is that I definitely get in musical ruts and I forget all about particular songs that I own....and its always great to have a little reunion with a music memory. ;-)

~At the moment I am listening to "A Kiss to Build a Dream on" By Louis Armstrong...followed by "A little less conversation", Elvis.... "A Love Song for No One", John Mayer..".A Natural Women", Carol King...."A Rush of Blood to the Head", Coldplay, " A Whisper", Coldplay...."A wink and a Smile" Harry Connick Jr......( and then I get into all the Arias...hehehe) ~

This will take a while...I have DAYS worth of music....

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