February 03, 2006


I am waiting for my sister to pick me up...but while I wait, here are the poll results:

0% of you wait and eat the "bad stuff" on your plate at the very end of your meal-I MUST admit, I was a bit shocked by this...I just so happen to know many of you are chronic procrastinators...but I've learned something interesting: Procrastination does not affect your eatting habits. good to know. ;-)

24% of you wouldnt eat anything nasty on your plate-even if it was put in front of you...fascinating. I really COULD make fun of you at this point and say that you had bad manners, but I wont...I actually envy you. A life without ANY carrots or celery seems good to me!

33% of you would mix the gross food in with the other food on your plate....Which in my humble opinion is a BAAAAD idea...why would you want to poison perfectly good food with BAD food!?!

43% of you would just bite the bullet and eat all the nasty food up front and then eat other food to wash your mouth out....this was my personal choice-but I do admit it, too, has its flaws-afterall...eatting a whole bunch of carrots and celery all at once makes me want to gag...ewwww!

And this is why I have resolved to NEVER eat a carrot again unless it would mean hurting someones feelings for me to not eat it. And Celery...well, if you are ever in my presence when I have to eat this evil veggie-realize that while it may LOOK like I am eatting it...in actuality I am SWALLOWING it....less taste involved.

OK! So on to the next poll-which I will leave with you as I head off out of town for the weekend-it could be AT LEAST a day before you hear from me again...how WILL you manage?!

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