February 03, 2006

Lesson Learned

So, all this week we were out of milk at Apt420...and even though i am a "hardcore" coffee drinker-I cannot drink it black....which is how I went the WHOLE week without coffee in the morning ( minus Monday when I went to Jury Duty and had a coffee with papa)...but yesterday, I counted up my pennies and realized that, yes, I COULD afford to buy milk.( imagine that!)
So that is how, this morning, I came to work with coffee in hand...and let me JUST SAY:
Nothing, and I mean NOTHING can compare to coffee goodness...I mean, sure, all week I had substitute caffine fixes...but NOT ONE was able to put me in the happy/functional state that Coffee can.

So, what did we learn? We learned that even though I have "grown up" quite a bit...and I am able to be a functional morning person....only coffee can truly make me a REAL morning person.
I'm changing the rules, I am only allowed to blog in the mornings IF I've had COFFEE...

Besides, tomorrow I get to go see my PawPaw...THAT makes me pretty happy too :-)

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