February 02, 2006

obviously not a morning person.

Why dont you people remind me not to post in the early morning hours? I NEVER have a nice outlook on life at that time...seriously now! ;-)

Sorry about the negativity....Its just not even called for...and actually I felt totally convicted and guilty today-I saw a dear sister in the grocery store and she asked me if I was ok...and I ( who always take questions like that seriously) , of course, stopped to think about it and then said I was definitely doing ok...to which she replied that she felt that my prayers had been "a bit down" as of late! meeeh! Is this true?!
I mean, prayers definitely reflect the true self, in my opinion, but I was REALLY being honest with her! I AM doing ok! I mean, sure everyday has SOME sort of battle-but they are glorious battles most days! Most days I am truly GRATEFUL for the things I am struggling with...because struggling implies not giving up...
I dont know, I've prayed about it...for I truly desire to be a joyful person, and I try hard to BE joyful most of the time ( I take the meaning of my name seriously)...but then I desire just as strongly to be a TRUTHFUL person and I will always be honest with you if I am struggling-but am I being WHINY?!
maybe I have my balance off?! What do you think?

On a different note, I had the coolest chat with Carmi today! It is TRULY a beautiful thing when you realize you are walking down the EXACT same path with a person! hehehe...its funny, over the past year I've had some very interesting struggles-I was sent down particular paths that I thought were "totally unique" and that no one would understand! But it seemed everytime God gave me a walking companion....truly a blessing! Oh, and Carmi...we didnt have time today, but we need to have a prayer time really soon! :-)

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