February 02, 2006

Shortest month...longest week.

oh. my. goodness.

Why is it not Friday yet? Seriously, I feel like I have been working for days and days on end-when in reality its only been two and a half very looong ones.
Yesterday, I actually had ALL the phone lines full and still people were calling, my doctors were stressed and annoyed about all the interruptions...and then, by the end of the day when we were all more than ready to go home Dr. Jesus, ( his nickname among the radiology department because he acts like he is just THAT special) decided to send an OUT PATIENT from his office over to get a CT, requesting that we call him with the results. So, we read it...its 5:30 by now...and then...yes, I call his office and of course, He's gone home for the day so we have to page him!
Now, I know that everyone reading this KNOWS what a sweet, calm little angel I am...and how WELL I take such annoying people. So you can imagine just how silently I took it all...and how I didnt make any fuss at all...and that I didnt have to count to ten....yes...I am sure you know this, and therefore we need not go into the details....

However, in an ironic state of affairs-I must admit I am competely shocked that it is February. I mean, what HAPPENED to January?! Is it really already over?! I mean, if we continue in this kind of crazy-fast-paced frame of affairs this YEAR is going to be over!!!
Not, that I mind really, its just that sometimes I freakout that my life is "flashing before my eyes"...and I am not getting anything really "meaningful" accomplished. *sigh*

On a more positive note-I am going to leave work early today-and go to Java Jacks for a much needed Latte...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I cant wait. I also can't wait for this weekend-I am going to see my PawPaw who I havent seen in A LOOONG time! AND we are going to the Rodeo together! woo hoo! Its gonna be great....

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