February 15, 2006

post valentine confessions

So, I dont think I need to set this post up that much, but as a 'writer' its often good to give a little background on such matters, so that the reader can see the contrast and be truly amazed and astounded, so quickly, background:

I'm ever so single, and I am happy thusly...I could be referred to as bitter and twisted ( and we'll pretend like I am so that the story will be more dramatic). I have self-confessed problems with commitment ( dont make me tell you about the time I broke into a sweat signing a 2-year cell phone contract)...Annnnndddd I dont trust males very much except at arms length and then its really just because I'm near-sided.

OK! I think that sets the stage for yesterday:

I totally fell in love, I mean, I've had this crush for a little while now, but yesterday I spent some serious time with this guy, and well...after spending quality time starring into his big eyes, and looking at his adorable face I was totally smitten...holding his hand sent tingles down my spin...
You could say the moment he started chewing on my shoulder was the moment I was TRULY in love....
noahNoah Scott

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