February 15, 2006

Things you dont read...

For some reason, I have a whole back list of things I want to write about at the moment-yet...I am kind of in a quaundry because I have a feeling if I posted everything I want to post today then many things would end up not being read. And that just makes me sad, because I want ALL my posts to be read ;-)
At any rate, here's something that has been in the 'to be posted' box for some days now and at this moment in time I feel like sharing it.

I think I'll call this segment "Interesting Facts about Abigail" and the subtitle:
"Things that make her cry"

oooh...yessss...good title ;-)

OK, so I KNOW I've mentioned in the past how I NEVER FAIL to cry at the part in the movie version of Lord of the Ring: Return of the King when Aragorn is being crowned king and then he turns to the hobbits and they all bow and he says "You bow to no man." And then EVERYONE bows to the hobbits...Seriously! I have a lump in my throat just mentioning it. So, its funny that while its a very stirring wonderful moment that gets me "everytime" in the movie version...it is a TOTALLY different type event that gets me EVERYTIME in the book, here's the excerpt:

Gollum looked at them. A strange expression passed over his lean hungry face. The gleam faded from his eyes, and they went dim and grey, old and tired. A spasm of pain seemed to twist him, and he turned away, peering back up towards the pass, shaking his head, as if engaged in some interior debate. Then he came back, and slowly putting out a trembling hand, very cautiously he touched Frodo's knee-but almost the touch was a caress. For a fleeting moment, could one of the sleepers have seen him, they would have thought that they beheld a old weary hobbit, shrunken by the years that had carried him far beyond his time, beyond friends and kin, and the fields and steams of youth, an old starved pitable thing.
But at that touch Frodo stirred and cried out softly in his sleep, and immediately Sam was wide awake. The first thing he saw was Gollum "pawing at his master," as he thought....

OK, this portion makes me CRRRRYYYYYY...how tragic is the character of Gollum?! Truly, he is one of the most complicated characters where you, the reader, dont know whether to love, hate, pity or dispise him...And while I cry reading this, I am also so glad that it was written, for it seems that here is a moment where a character comes to the very brink of Goodness and then turns to plunge into darkness...it give me goosebumps.

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