April 20, 2006

minute by second action...

Ummm....yeeeeeah....Sometimes I really wonder why people read my blog...because, just now, I was sitting here in bed....thinking about getting up....( I've had a killer migrane all morning)...and I thought: "Ooo! I'll just write a quick blog to say what I'm doing today!"

And this is what it would say:

"I'm cleaning out my closet! Wish me luck!"


That's exciting isnt it?!

Uggg, my head is still pounding...at least my medicine makes it possible to open my eyes without crying now....THATS nice.
What ISNT nice is the fact that I still havent eatten anything today...and my meds on an empty stomache makes me all wooosy and jittery...
*whimper* but there is nothing I want to eat! boooo!

Before I go, a little "I deserve a gold star" moment:

Since the weather has turned horribly hot in a matter of moments (days)...the hospital has been overRUN with kidneystones ( well, not just the stones-that would be weird-but people WITH the stones...) and therefore to keep myself from joining them... I am drinking TONS of water....yes, TONS.....and I have found that if you put just a TOUCH of lime juice in your water you can drink TWICE as much in an hour than if you just drink it straight up...of course, this still doesnt solve the "I have to go the bathroom every four minutes" problem but whatever.

Did anyone notice that really great sentence with all the alliteration in it? Do you realize that I do that without thinking? That I LOVE alliteration SO much that I do it NATURALLY?! I'm a freak...
"horribly hot...matter of moments"

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