April 22, 2006

Poll Results: quickly

Obviously, you guys reeeeally missed the polls-because I use to have wait a LOT longer to get the answers up to 20....either that or you are really passionate about "what you want to do right now". haha!
Either way, here are the results to the question
"What I'd like to do right now.."

10% of you wanted to bake cookies... Amazingly enough it was touch and go there for a little while that ANYONE would pick this answer...this was suprising to me-because while I figured anyone living in Texas wouldnt want to be baking ( because its so crazy-pills hot), I also figured that its getting cooler in NZ. and I ALWAYS want to bake when it gets cooler...buut, I guess I'm one of three people who like to bake...

20% of you wanted to go hiking/tramping somewhere beautiful...I really have nothing to say about this one, except that I've been severally bitten by the travel/restless bug lately and therefore when I come out of the darkhole that I work in all day this desire becomes just a little bit stronger each time...

25% of you want to go stargazing...now that I live in a town I rarely get to spend as much time as I would like looking at the stars. This makes me sad. Because I LOVE stars...but it seems really cheesy and kinda-ultra romantic so I try not to tell people about this fact too often ;-)

45% of you want to Sit in a comfy chair and read all day...I dont blame you. I had the chance to do JUST THAT a few days ago ( well, it wasnt ALL DAY...but it was several more hours than I was use to!) and I gotta tell you, I felt a MILLION times better after just one day of reading...than ANY day spent watching movies. The moral of this story?
Its obvious.

~ About the next poll question:
You're going to have to excuse my next poll question, its kinda boring....in fact, my next TWO poll questions...but these are MY polls...and *I* want to know the answer so...TOO BAD! ( oh, and PLEASE answer them...I want to have a GOOD reflection of the truth here!)

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