May 09, 2006

crazy like fox

So, after reading the post before THIS one, you'll have deduced that somewhere along the way I had my FILL of life. It doesnt really make TOO much sense, since its not like things are really THAT bad...but thus it is...who knows why.

In the process of me trying to stay a little itty bit sane for the day, without crying again ( once you let the flood gates go, the tears sit at the vurge of falling out again for quite sometime)...I started reading a particular blog I came across yesterday, starting from 2002 and reading straight on through...I found myself rooting for the "main character" and wanting her to get out of the bad relationship, and to find someone better...I was rooting for her family and her parents divorce to not hurt everyone too much....and then it hit me! WHOA...this is NOT NONFICTION. Things might NOT turn out! I'm now well into 2003...almost to 2004 ( yes, its fun to read archives of blogs! woo) So yeah, I'm lame...but I figure its like reading the autobiography of a nonfamous "nobody"...which, is really kinda comforting.

In other news, things I wish for:
I want to go to the gym today, I want to work out HARD to that point where you arms and legs are really weak. Maybe get out some of this pent up angst I've got going on...
I want a looong shower...and comfy PJs.
I want my leftover Chinese Food eaten on the couch.
I want a conversation with someone who will make me feel better.
I want a hug.

I'm pretty sure I can get 3 out of the four of those accomplished.

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